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Free: Top 100 landing pages of recent time

The tactics of building landing pages are ever changing. What worked 2 years back does not work anymore and there are things that have become highly important now in the way they never were. Grab this list of 100 best landing pages of recent time and be in the know about what’s working right now so that you can implement that in your next landing page.

Awesome Landing Page


Creating awesome landing page and turning it  into lean, mean lead-converting machine.

Product Description

Your landing pages are gateways into your sales pipeline. Whether your visitor becomes a new lead or a missed opportunity depends on what they find there. Are your landing pages optimized to convert visitors into leads, or are they causing unnecessarily high abandonment? Our team of experts is eager to help

What’s included:

  • Custom landing page design created in-house by our graphic design team for dramatically improving conversion rates
  • Persuasive copy writing with headlines and calls to action that result in clicks
  • Strategic offer recommendations including whitepaper and eBook copywriting, design and promotion
  • Presenting a compelling offer that is topical, relevant and aligned to the needs of your visitor
  • Making it easy to transact, requesting just the right amount of information in a clear easy-to-use layout
  • Building excitement and anticipation about the offer with head-turning headlines, copy and design
  • Developing a single focus page on encouraging the visitor to submit their information, with a clear call to action that isn’t in competition with other links and interactive elements
  • Clearly affirming your commitment to a visitor’s privacy
  • Easy-to-use web forms that capture and validate data
  • Direct CRM (Customer Resource Management System integration for making sure that your leads are never forgotten and tracked till conversion
  • Google Analytics Integration

 Estimated delivery time: 5 days

What we need to start the work:

  • A brief description about your business/products/services
  • Any video/audio/document for describing your prices and packages
  • Description about your target audience
  • Your preferences about colors/designs if there are any
  • Your expectations from us regarding the landing page
  • Any other information you think can be useful


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