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Free ebook: The secret sauce for creating killer content

Imagine if each time you wrote  your content could prove massive success and win you over high amount of traffic, popularity and money without exception. Imagine if you had the secret sauce of creating killer content  that would always succeed no matter what. Enter your details and lay your hands over this ultimate and top secret sauce to creating killer content everytime.

Content Development Premium Monthly Package


Original and  high quality content on regular basis created by our expert content developers

Product Description

Its no secret that blogs, Social networks, video sharing websites And even search engines, They all need fresh, unique and high quality content regularly or your business is dead in the cluster of ever increasing online businesses.
While its true that you can’t survive in modern online marketing without campaign management, database platforms and marketing automation, none of those technological solutions are going to build the business either if you don’t have amazing content to power the automation engine.
We can help you to stand out amongst your competitors by regularly, smartly and strategically creating original, creative and exceptionally high quality content for your blogs, social networking accounts, video channels and other mediums so that your business can organically engage with your current and potential customers thus bringing more trust and revenue to you.

What’s included:

  • 10 High quality article/blog posts every month consisting up to 1000 words each
  • 5 high quality promotional articles every month for your email marketing campaign consisting 300-500 words each
  • 5 high quality press releases every month consisting 300-500 words each
  • 10 high quality Twitter Posts every month
  • 10 high quality Facebook Posts every month
  • 1 unique infographic every month
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24-7 premium customer support

What do we need to start the work:

  • A brief profile of your business
  • Details of topics you would need the content
  • URL (s) of your websites, blogs, social media account where you would need the content to be posted
  • Any other information that you think may help us


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