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Dynamic Contact/ Inquiry Form

$24.99 $9.99

Dynamic contact forms that sends your visitor’s details on your email and makes sure that your leads never remains un-attended.

Product Description

A dynamic contact form developed in accordance to your website’s theme and design and allows your visitors to write you their heart out and reach instantly to your email.


What’s Included :

  • Contact form designed in line with your website’s colors/theme.
  • Any fields that you wish to collect from your visitors.
  • Validation code implemented according to your rules (required fields, phone number format of your country ETC).
  • Sending the form on your email instantly.
  • Saving the form in database so that you can track even if the email was missed for any reason.
  • Thank you message/ after submission redirection according to your preferences.
  • Seamless integration in any technology – PHP, asp.net, wordpress, joomla, drupal or just about any other technology that exists.
  • Easy options to change the email ID, thank you message and other options dynamically anytime on the clicks.


Estimated delivery time: 2 days


What we need to start the work:

  • Your website address
  • Where do you want the contact form to be displayed
  • What fields you wish to display on the form
  • Validation rules if you have any
  • Email ID on which you wish to receive the inquiries
  • Any other details to help us in the process



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