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End User Mobile App Testing

$99.00 $90.00

Manually, hands-on testing of every menue, every section, every screen, every button, every detail and everything else on your app. We have in-house testing and
quality assurance engineers who are keen to work with you.

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Product Description

What’s included:

  •  Testing each screen of your app for any design problems, white spaces, alignment or other major/minor issues
  • Testing if there are any coding errors
  • Testing if there are any logical errors
  • Testing each part of your app and proof reading for any spelling/grammatical errors
  • Testing and find out if all the buttons of your app point to functional screens and if there are any dead links
  • Testing the whole flow of your app end-to-end and finding if there are any bugs, break points, flaws or miss understanding as an end user
  • Testing each text box, each buttons and their labels and find if all the text written conveying right and helpful messages to user
  • Testing validation messages and validations rules of the forms available on your app
  • Testing the emails, messages and other external automatically sent communications and find out if the messages are properly formatted, grammatically correct and contain all relevant details that the user would need
  • Testing the app’s overall user experience and find out if a smooth user flow is available
  • Testing back end of your app end-to-end and find out whether or not its working correctly
  • Testing app’s speed in various situation and find out if there are any performance issues
  • Testing basic security of your app and find if its hacker safe.


  • Details of test cases used
  • Details of any accounts/email addresses used for testing for verification purposes
  • Extensive, point-by-point report of the testing results with clearly understandable comments/remarks
  • Extensive document with details of each problem found along with step-by-step details of reproducing them
  • Screenshots/video grabs of any problem areas if necessary
  • Extensive document mentioning suggestions that can make the app better (colours, designs, text, user interface or anything else)
  • Document format: PDF, PPT, JPG/PNG, AVI/MP3 as the case may be.

Estimated Delivery Time : 7 Days

What we need to start the work:

  • The url of your app or file for installation
  • Details of the purpose of your app and target users
  • Any wireframe/flowchart/Process flow diagram for understanding app’s flow (if available)
  • Anything else you think can help us doing this up to your expectations


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