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End User Software Testing


Complete End user software testing package for testing each error, each bug and each functionality of your software to make sure that it works as it should.

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Product Description

What’s Included:

  • Testing any windows based or web based software
  • Manually going through each screen, each dialogue box and each menu of your software and finding if there are any designing issues
  • Manually going through each part of your software en•to•end and testing the flow
  • Finding out if there are any coding errors
  • Manually testing each screen, each dialogue, each option and each menu of your software en-to-end and find out if there are any errors/bugs
  • Finding out if there are any spelling/grammatical errors in text displayed in various screens
  • Logical testing with multiple scenarios and finding out if the software works as expected
  • Testing the software and finding out if the speed is optimum
  • Testing the software on various hardware configurations and calculating its performance comparison
  • Testing the software with multiple operating systems and finding out the performance comparison
  • Testing the overall user experience of the software and finding out if there are any break points
  • Multiple test cases carefully created and tested multiple times with different scenarios and different data values for a bug-free flow
  • Comprehensive reports on each test case and its variants with extensive documentation, screengrabs, videos and presentations wherever necessary
  • Reports in multiple formats – docx, PDF, PPT, JPG, AVI and others as the need be


What we need to start the work:

  • Required software to install along with installation instructions
  • Software requirement specifications/flowchart/process flow diagrams if so available
  • Purpose of software in brief
  • Your expectations from us
  • Any other details you think can help us in the process


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