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Free ebook: 50 greatest lead generation tactics that’s working right now

Simply a compilation of 50 greatest and most profitable lead generation tactics that works now (in 2015).  Practical,  actionable and  proven tactics that you can apply today and skyrocket your business.

Guaranteed Lead Generation For Your Business


Comprehensive, target-oriented and result oriented lead generation package with 100 percent success guarantee. Now, its possible to generate as many qualified leads as you need for taking your business on mountain heights.


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Product Description

At 99DollarCart, we believe that even leads can only be generated if your business has a clean, easy to understand business model, effective marketing strategy and irreversible brand value. From experience, we know that a lot of the business fail to generate leads because they haven’t been able to analyze themselves in context of their current competition and customer expectations. This package starts right from analyzing your current business, finds out if you are internet marketing ready and transforms your overall business model in a way that it become a lead generation and money making machine. Choose this package if you need 100 percent genuine, qualified leads that can be converted into sales.

What’s included:
Business model analysis:

  • Complete, comprehensive and end-to-end analysis of your products, services, USP, customer support and marketing strategies
  • Analysis reports with audio, video, text and graphical explanation of good and potentially improvable areas

Website analysis:
Auditing of your current website if there is any by our in-house lead generation rockstars and find out:

  • Design impact of your website in accordance with your business
  • Probability of call to action
  • Ease of understanding level in terms of flow and user interface
  • Text, graphics and other forms of messaging displayed on website with their impact on user’s psychology
  • SEO compliance of your website including on-page optimization, off-page optimization and content optimization for search engine friendliness
  • Social media strategies of your website and its current strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis reports with audio, video, text and graphical explaination of good and potentially improvable areas

Competitors analysis:

  • Finding top competitors with their core strengths to help you developing them in your business
  • Finding the week points of your competitors that can be used as your advantage
  • Analysis reports with audio, video, text and graphical explaination of good and potentially improvable areas

Trafic and conversion analysis:

  • In-depth analysis of your current trafic, bounce rates, source of healthy traffic ETC
  • Analyze if your business is receiving the trafic from the sources your competetors receive
  • Analysing the reasons of the bounce rate
  • Analysing user behaviors, user flow breakpoints and other important aspects
  • Analysis reports with audio, video, text and graphical explaination of good and potentially improvable areas

Implementation for lead generation:

  • Transforming your website’s overall impact en-to-end for a guaranteed business success
  • Development of hundred percent unique, powerful and impactful content for your business using our art of customer persuation and human psychology
  • Suggesting and developing unmatched offers for your customers that they can not resist
  • Designing and implementing SEO campaigns with guaranteed high search engine ranking for your best keywords
  • Designing and implementing highly successful social media strategy for your business for increasing it’s brand value, enticing abilities and receiving qualified leads
  • Outreach to your most targeted customers directly through our pre-qualified data, promotion on right platforms and art of convincing that we have been able to master over the years
  • hundred percent optimised, human generated communication through forums, classified sites, mailing lists, comments and other mediums for generating guaranteed leads for your business
  • Email marketing with auto responder campaigns, one-to-one conversational campaigns and other industry leading strategies for generating queries from interested customers
  • Creating valuable content on regular basis to keep your potential customers intacked till they decide to buy with you
  • Daily and continuous monitoring of overall implementation strategies, rectifying potentially week areas and making improvements on the basis of on-going learning
  • Reports with audio, video, text and graphical explaination of good and potentially improvable areas

Tools provided:

  • Hundred percent result-oriented, juicy website for generating leads
  • Highly professional email auto responders and follow-up tools with hundred percent hands-on assistance.
  • free access to Professional virtual conferencing tools for conducting webinars, web meetings and online events.
  • Integrated CRM system for managing the leads, customer follow-up system, ability to set and receive reminders for important events/issues including instantly knowing when a customer contacts you.
  • minute-to-minute analysis reports of who came on your site, what page that he surfed and other micro/macro level details important for you to improve your overall business model on the go.

What we need to start the work:

  • A detailed description/profile of your business/services
  • Details of your target audience
  • Details of your current marketing plans,SEO and social media strategies
  • Your expectations from us
  • Any other detail that you think can help us in the process


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