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Free: plagiarism  audit of your content

Exclusively to you, We’ll audit your web content and provide you extensive report whether or not your content is original so that you know it before google kicks your site out of its database. Complete report with copyescape check, plagiarism  check, uniqueness check and other factors with reference to original sources from where your content might be copied.


Superb Article or Blog Post For Your Business

$15.00 $10.00

100% unique content for your business.

Product Description

In this offer, you get a carefully crafted 100 percent unique content up to 900 words that work magic for websites.
The content that we write are like web content on steroids. Search engines worship them, and readers love
them. Readers come back for more, and recommend content to other readers. Your traffic goes through the roof!

What’s included:

  • A 900-word well-crafted content with smooth sentence flow
  • 100% original article—no plagiarism
  • Revision until satisfaction
  • Guaranteed Search engine optimized content.
  • Proof read approved by our in-house experts
  • DOCX and PDF file delivery

estimated time: 3 days

What we need to start the work:

  • What do you need? (article/blog post/website content/sales letter etc)
  • Details of topic on which you would want us to write
  • Images if you have any (company logo, personal photo etc)



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