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What is 99DollarCart?

99Dollar cart is a refreshing change from the tiring work of finding right professionals when you need a digital work done. From design to development and promotion to conversion, everything is on an unbelievably price of under 99 dollars.

Who uses 99DollarCart?

99DollarCart is mainly used  by Digital Agencies, individuals, small/medium size businesses and everyone else who needs affordable, Highest quality services with unmatched customer support.


Why should I choose 99DollarCart when there already are many freelancer sites on the internet?

If you have ever dealt with freelancer sites, you are already aware how difficult and time taking it is to find the right freelancer for your project. From hundreds of proposals flooding in your freelancer inbox, choosing the one you need is merely a gamble as Some of them charge ridiculously high cost that you can not afford to give and some charge very low cost and end up delivering low quality solution with 0 customer support.In short, its almost impossible to find the right freelancer who can provide highest quality solution with 24-7 customer support that you need in your limited budget. Choose us if you are tired of trying freelancers after freelancers and had many bad experiences with low quality, buggy solutions and wasting  lots of your precious time and hard earned money.

How does 99DollarCart work?

The process is fairly simple:

  1. Choose the products and services you need and add them in cart
  2. Proceed to checkout and complete the payment
  3. Provide us the necesary details relevant to the products/services that you have bought via our integrated workroom available from your account’s dashboard
  4. Approve when the work is delivered to you within the time as estimated in the respective’ product/service description!
When do I need to pay?

You need to pay at the time of placing order using the available payment processors. If the product/service that you have ordered requires monthly renewal, such an amount shall be pending on expiry of the billing term and the amount for same shall be applicable as per the description of the respective product/service

Some products/service have unlimited revisions mentioned, what does it mean?

The products/services that have unlimited revisions mentioned means that we shall be providing you unlimited revisions till you are satisfied. However its important that the revisions suggested are under the scope of product/service description and are reasonable.

When should I expect deliverable’s?

You can expect the deliverables on the estimated delivery time mentioned in the description of the respective product/service that you have ordered.  All efforts are made to provide the work within the timescale. In fact the most works are delivered way before its expected end date depending on complexity level and other factors.

What if the work is not delivered?

You only pay for work delivered on 99dollarCart. When you get deliverables you can either accept them or request a revision. We shall make the revisions within the scope of product/service and provide you the final work that satisfies your needs.

Is my account Information Secure?

Your Account information will be protected by a password for your privacy and security. You need to prevent unauthorized access to your Account and Personal Information by selecting and protecting your password appropriately and limiting access to your computer and browser by signing off after you have finished accessing your Account.

We seek to protect Account information to ensure that it is kept private; however, we cannot guarantee the security of any Account information. Unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors, may compromise the security of user information at any time. We otherwise store all of our information, including your IP address information, using industry-standard techniques. We do not guarantee or warrant that such techniques will prevent unauthorized access to information about you that we store, Personal Information or otherwise.

How do you use my email and other personal details?

We have a complete Privacy Policy relating to this. Please refer to “Privacy Policy” section available on the website itself for further details.

How is your communication after an order is placed?

At 99DollarCart, We believe in exceptional, 24-7 customer support whether you bought an item of 99 cents or 99 dollars. The communication with you starts within minutes your order is placed. We first start by obtaining the necessary details  of your requirements/needs/expectations and take it from there.  Our customer care associates are at your service 24-7, 7 days a week for answering any of your question, Anytime.

Is support available after work completion and delivery?

Yes. Continuing with our promise of exceptional customer care all the times, The support is also available after your items have been delivered to you. We offer 60 days of free technical support for answering any of your questions/doubts once a product/service has been delivered to you.

How do I get in touch with support?

There are multiple ways you can get in touch with 99DollarCart support. First, You do have the options on your dashboard for getting in touch with support. You can either leave your query in the workroom or raise the ticket if there is an urgent concern.

In addition to this, We do have  Live chat, dedicated telephone numbers, email ID and web based contact form at your disposal that you can use for contacting us about any of your needs/problems/questions.

How do you assure high quality solutions?

All of our works whether of 99 cents or 99 dollar goes through rigorous internal quality check and testing before its delivered to you. Our in-house testing engineers makes sure that the product/service you receive as deliverable is 100 percent highest quality, bugfree and tested.

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